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Hopefully navigating your way around this browser based version of The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome should be pretty straight forward but if you’d like a few little pointers, read on.


You can find your way around by using the menu at the left (or at the top if you are on a mobile).  The drop down boxes will take you to each of the main sections of the site.  The Profiles area is where you will find all the pages of the individual people featured in the App.  You can just browse through them all or filter them by their subject.

At the bottom of each profile page you’ll find up to four buttons.

 btn_twitter_normal@2x  btn_weblink_normal@2x  btn_shop_normal@2x  btn_itunes_normal@2x

These buttons help you to find out more about that person.  You can tweet them, head to their own official website, explore their available books, DVDs and so on or you can launch their iTunes Store.


The search function in the main menu doesn’t just let you look for a person or film but you can also hunt for specific things people mention.  For example, if you’d like to find everyone who’s been talking about Charles Darwin, just pop Darwin into the search box and you’ll get a list of all the videos and articles that feature Darwin.


This area features a variety of short films and regular episodes with people already included in the App.  This area is where you’ll find things like Science Book Club, Science School, Chaos of Delight and some deeper exploration of some scientific ideas not included in people’s individual profile pages.

In the footer of each page there is a CONTACT button if you need to get in touch with the Cosmic Genome team for any reason.


The Cosmic Genome Browser Version uses cookies to store your login information to save you needing to login in each and every time you access the site from the device on which you purchased the subscription.  If you plan on using the site on multiple devices, or on shared computers, you must remember to LOG OUT after each session.  This will avoid you receiving errors from being logged in on the same account on multiple devices as well as leaving your personal information open for other users if using a shared computer.

When you click on the Log Out button in the menu you will be directed to the TinyPass payment logout page where you will be automatically logged out of Cosmic Genome.

The next time you return you will see the ‘Subscribe curtain’ appear.  Simply click the ‘Sign In’ option at the bottom to log back in.


All clips are copyright © 2013 Trunkman Productions and Robin Ince.  They currently are not DRM protected.  That’s just annoying.  We don’t want you to have to worry about when your connection might cut out half way through a film about understanding dark matter whilst on a rural train.  We’re not charging a fortune for all this stuff.  It’s a self funded project.  So please, do bear that in mind.  Please don’t stick it all on YouTube or torrent it all.  If you do we’re not going to be able to keep making new content which would be rubbish for everyone.  So all we can do is politely ask you to not do that.  Pay a few quid (or dollars or Euros or Yen or whatever the currency is where you are), enjoy the content, and then everyone else can as well for a long time yet to come.  Thanks, Robin & Trunkman.