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The Fat Internet

The internet is getting really fat

Well, the internet is getting really fat, you know, this is one of the problems that we’ve got, that the more bells and whistles technologically  that we begin to throw at websites in order to give you the eye candy you need…I mean, we’re very visual creatures and the internet has a certain amount of time to grab your attention before you move onto the next page and so people will employ all sorts of tricks in order to do that.  We’re actually beginning to turn a corner in that respect, I think, with HTML 5 because we can now with the new technology, the language that the internet is being written in for the future, you can create really spectacular visuals and interactive, immersive experiences with minimal code.

In the days of Flash, you know, sort of hard core JPEG images being plastered all over the internet, then the problem is that we are…the internet is growing at  such a phenomenal rate that…I can’t remember the exact figures but  it was something like, you know, 100 years from now you’d need pipes 1,000 times the size in order to get the data through, just physically to get the 1s and 0s through.  Now obviously that’s a really, that’s a really obtuse sort of calculation to make because the way that we transfer data and the way that we deliver images and visuals is becoming much more compact as well.  But, yeah, I mean for me, one of the scourges of the internet is the infographic which, um, I’m a well-known speaker against, the dreaded infographic.  I don’t have a problem with infographics actually, as a concept, if you can put something into an image that makes it easier to understand, especially the huge, you know…we’re getting into the era of bug data now, with huge data sets and massive sort of calculations that people come to these sort of conclusions and if you can express that through a picture easier, more easily, then that’s good, but that’s not what happens.  What happens is marketeers hash together bits of information from disparate data sets to create a picture that looks shocking, very often all they do actually is they put text into a picture so it’s no longer indexable or searchable by the internet so that breaks the whole mechanism by which we find stuff on the internet as well, um, and make a big fat, data band sucking picture that grabs your attention but actually tells you nothing.  That, for me, that’s one of the big evils of the internet that needs to be done away with.