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Chaos of Delight – Episode 11

Charles Darwin wrote wonderful sentences, beautiful books and fabulous phrases and one of my favourite is when he describes his mind being a ‘Chaos of Delight’ after seeing many of the splendid lifeforms in a Brazilian forest.  And we have asked everyone who’s been involved in this App when they experience that ‘Chaos of Delight.’ – Robin Ince

It’s really engaging and you go, oh right, I am not sitting at a desk right now.

I think there is…at some point I used to work at a site called Çatalhöyük which is an enormous project, about 120 researchers come together and a lot of them are really…they’re just the top in their field, people thinking really out of the box.  People have been digging at this site for so long, and it’s done so much to kind of help us understand the origins of, you know, cities and agriculture, and when you get together that many people and you’re all sitting around looking at something in a trench and you’ve got a burial which is going to tell you about how, you know, an individual person lived, but it’s in a house so it’s just going to tell you about how community functioned and worked sort of 9,000, 8,000 years ago and it’s in this sort of landscape that’s going to tell you how people sort of moved around in this landscape.

When you bring it all together and everyone’s sitting there and people are poking stuff with sticks and pointing at stuff getting really excited and shouting about, no, no, there’s plaster here, can you see it? This is obviously a volcano!  It’s actually really fun and it’s really interesting, it’s really engaging and you go, oh right, I am not sitting at a desk right now.