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Chaos of Delight – Episode 15


Charles Darwin wrote wonderful sentences, beautiful books and fabulous phrases and one of my favourite is when he describes his mind being a ‘Chaos of Delight’ after seeing many of the splendid lifeforms in a Brazilian forest.  And we have asked everyone who’s been involved in this App when they experience that ‘Chaos of Delight.’ – Robin Ince

We’ve just got some some caterpillars for my three year old son

So I was in a skeptics conference in New York and somebody came up to me and said, “ Oh, when people ask you questions at the end of your talk and um, you kind of answer their questions for them, or you try to, what questions baffle you?”. And, we’ve just got some some caterpillars for my three year old son and they come in a little jar with some nutrients at the bottom and they crawl around  and they eat the nutrient and they double and triple and quadruple in size and then they crawl up to the top and they turn into a pupa or they turn into pupae and then they undergo this incredible metamorphosis. And I just find that mind blowing, how you can turn a creature that is fully formed and active and able to eat and digest and grow, how you can then dissolve that organism completely apparently, and then re generate it into something as complicated  and sophisticated and beautiful as a butterfly. And so just watching that whole process, we’ve just released the butterflies two days ago was, he was delighted and I was equally blown away by that, the entire process.