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Chaos of Delight – Episode 17

Charles Darwin wrote wonderful sentences, beautiful books and fabulous phrases and one of my favourite is when he describes his mind being a 'Chaos of Delight' after seeing many of the splendid lifeforms in a Brazilian forest.  And we have asked everyone who's been involved in this App when they experience that 'Chaos of Delight.' - Robin Ince

We are uncovering a whole landscape at the molecular realm.


In my work scientifically, seeing a new structure…so one of the joys of being a structural biologist is that you are a kind of explorer.  I’m too timid or lacking in courage to go and climb mountains or search Antartica or whatever, but my exploration is done on the molecular level, for the first time that no other human being has ever seen in the whole of human history. Because we are uncovering a whole landscape at the molecular realm that most people just aren’t aware of in their everyday lives and it’s a sad thing in a way that more people aren’t familiar with the incredible array of molecules that are working together to keep them alive.  The whole system is just so incredibly complicated that, actually, if you start to think about it too much, you might worry that it would stop working and you would die.