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Future Cancer Research

I think that thats just a brilliant field of work

My phD came under the umbrella of cancer research.   I was looking at it on a molecular level, I was looking at the pathways and at the genes that can go wrong and can cause cells to over divide, to not be able to regulate their cell division pathway. People often ask me, are we gonna find a cure for cancer; now there’s no such thing to my mind as a cure for cancer, however, we’re getting so much closer to knowing about the individual mutations that can go wrong in different peoples’ cancers which can then lead to this over proliferation of cells.

For me, what would be brilliant in the next 20, 40, 50 years is to just get closer and closer to honing in on the different types of mutations in the different types of cancer so that we can continue this massively exploding area of personalised medicine, where we can raise particular drugs to particular mutations and halt or at least hold back the spread of those tumours in those patients and because thats an area where I started from a long time ago when I did my phD and that’s where there’s been huge advances and I still have a lot of colleagues who work in that field, I think that thats just a brilliant field of work that is just getting further and further and further along the track and the outcome of it  - like I said, there’s not gonna be “a cure” but there is going to be more and more and more personalised treatments which are going to attack this just awful disease which affect so many of us.