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Heroes of Science – Episode 11


1858’s been a bit of a boring year really…

I would probably say Wallace, but actually the job has been done brilliantly for Wallace recently so…I think we’ve had Bill Bailey doing programmes on Alfred Russel Wallace and recently enough money was raised to actually have a statue commemorated to him at the Natural History Museum, so I think Wallace’s name is now being recognised and he’s becoming a bit more famous than perhaps he has been until very recently.  But when you consider that Darwin is so famous and if you mention evolution to people they know who Darwin was and they, um, perhaps think he came up with the idea of evolution, which of course he didn’t: he came up with the mechanism of it in natural selection, um, but then the paper that was first presented to the Linnean Society was Darwin and Wallace, so it was their joint paper that was presented to the Linnean Society, and that’s interesting because at the end of the year the society kind of did a review of the year and looked back on what had happened over the course of the year and they said, ‘Nothing much has happened this year.  1858’s been a bit of a boring year really’.