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Heroes of Science – Episode 13


It is an extremely odd curio.

So one of the greatest unsung heroes of biology is the 20th century genius called J.B.S. Haldane who worked in loads of different fields including the origin of life, he was the guy who came up the term primordial soup but also he helped fuse the idea of genetics with evolutionary biology, with Natural Selection, Darwin’s ideas and loads of other stuff.

There is a video of him on YouTube, made in the 1940s, he was a communist and he worked with the Soviets in producing a film which I think is called ‘On the Resurrection of Dead Animals.’  And it’s an eight minute video produced, presented by him in which they electrocute a severed dog’s head and show how responsive it is to stimulus such as smashing a hammer in its face.  It is an extremely odd curio and well worth checking out.

The following video may be distressful to some viewers.