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Heroes of Science Outreach

I think there’s a set change in the way that science community is perceiving people who do outreach

I think there’s a set change in the way that the science community is perceiving people who do outreach.  So there was, even as I was coming up as a phD student, there as an attitude to belittle those people who were doing outreach and for me, okay we’ll call them unsung heroes, but they are becoming really for me the heroes because they’re the ones that justify our existence as scientists, so people like we were taking about Lucie Greene who is a fantastic science communicator.  There were times when people who do that activity, even the wonderful Brian Cox, people consider that to be “not a real scientist” which is the most ridiculous concept that I can think of.  So for me, the people that are at the forefront, are there because they can do that job, we need people that can communicate because as I much as I love some of my scientific colleagues, they cannot communicate what they want to do, so it’s that for me which are probably already the known names that I think, they are the people that I admire because they are enabling more people to understand what we do what we do.  So that’s probably not answered your question at all but that’s who I consider, in terms of you know, your Neil DeGrasse Tyson and these kind of people who are getting out there and making people aware of why we do things and injecting awe and wonderment even if it may not be there its kind of a bit of a slap round the face to say, do you realise this, and you suddenly go, you know its, put your head up from looking at your phone or whatever and realise what’s going on around the world Well of course you could be looking at an app like the Cosmic Genome for instance, but of course, you know what I’m getting at, its that aspect.