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New Species

They found a whole new slug which has got a attachable, regrowable penis

I like animals, I like species, I’m an evolutionary biologist so, although there’s always new leaps being taken in science, we’re always discovering new things, I think neuroscience is probably the best and most interesting thing there will be for about maybe the next twenty years, because we used to sort of think of psychology as the science of the mind and neuroscience as the science of the brain and they’re all kind of lovely mingling now and every day there’s new discoveries. So my favourite bit of science is neuroscience and evolution of psychology.  But for me as an animal person, it’s always the discovery of a new species and there have been so many that have come out this year.

There’s been a ninja slug, which is an amazing species: it has these things called love darts, they’re little harpoons which are coated with mucus that contains female hormones, so whenever it’s mating with another slug it’s trying to make the other slug more female.  The hermaphrodites in this way can get more eggs, because basically in evolutionary terms eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap, so as they’re mating they’re trying to mate the opposite number more female. But this one actually fires them out,  which is a new cool mechanism. 

They found a whole new slug which has got a attachable, regrowable penis, and they found a type of frog that they call a “horror frog”, I think this was this year, it’s just incredible, it’s like Wolverine from X Men.  It, whenever attacked, will snap its finger and toe bones so they protrude from its flesh and its got a sudden flick knife makeshift claw.  So, new species…there’s always new and amazing things out there. 

So, a lot of the frogs we now know are using poisons of plants, so if you consider…some of the most deadly frogs in the entire world are the Golden Poison Arrow frog; if it doesn’t eat the right stuff, then it’s not getting the compound of chemicals from the food it eats to make it toxic, then its actually pretty harmless. That’s pretty cool.