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Restarting Civilisation – Episode 13

I think Newton’s Laws of Motion really explain an awful lot.

I think if you’re paring it back to the basics of science, which for me goes…I remember reading somewhere once that biology is sort of here, then chemistry is here and physics is here in terms of going into the minutiae of things and, for me, if there was one piece of scientific knowledge to start civilisation off if we knew nothing, then I think Newton’s Laws of Motion really explain an awful lot.  And obviously as a biologist, there’s so much in the biological world, DNA, the central dogma of how DNA codes for proteins and As and Ts and Gs and Cs is just crucial.  But if you take it back several thousand steps smaller, laws of motion, in the sense that one thing reacts with another, one thing responds to another, if you don’t put a force on something it will stay still or it will continue moving.  That for me is crucial to everything, like why am I sitting here, why am I not moving, and if I do start to move, why do I stop? Well, because there’s air resistance pulling me back.  And the fact that every action gives an equal and opposite reaction explains every interaction between every particle on whatever level you want to study it.  So for me, if there was one thing to start us back off on a scientific track, I think it would come from there.