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Science Book Club – Episode 11

It’s aimed at anyone who has even a sneaking hint of a fondness for nature

I’ve written a couple of books, in fact I’ve just finished the proofs – yesterday I sent them in – of my latest book on the iconography of hedgehogs, but that’s slightly more of a specialist subject, but I wrote a book called ‘A Prickly Affair all about hedgehogs which was…it looks at the madness as well that infects people who spend too long alone in a caravan snuffling around with hedgehogs.  And most recently I’ve written a book called ‘The Beauty in the Beast which is looking at fifteen people a bit like me.  So I’ve met the otter version of me and the moth version of me and the dragonfly version of me and that sort.

So, I enjoy passion, I enjoy people’s enthusiasm, I enjoy nature, not just being communicated through, you know, beautiful David Attenborough blue chip productions or through science, I enjoy it because people get passionate about it.

So, ‘A Prickly Affair’ has been widely reviewed from eleven year olds all the way up to Ann Widdecombe, um, it remains the only book that has got endorsement from both Jeanette Winterson and Ann Widdecombe on the cover.  So it’s aimed at anyone who has even a sneaking hint of a fondness for nature, and the younger children tend to miss the ruder jokes.  Luckily.

Get ‘A Prickly Affair’ here or ‘The Beauty in the Beast’ here