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Science Moments of 2013 – Prof Aoife McLysaght


During December we asked a group of people who’ve appeared in the App in the past year what their favourite moment or discovery was in science during 2013.  Over the next couple of updates we’ll be sharing their answers.

Some of my colleagues are very excited about it

So something from this year so um, well there’s this system that’s called CRISPR which is a kind of a naturally occurring immune system in bacteria against phage if I’ve got this correct and this was discovered relatively recently but even more recently they’ve been using and manipulating this CRISPR system to modify genes within a cell because the way it works, this CRISPR system, the way it naturally works has been kind of exploited as a kind of a genetic engineering type device and there’s a lot of interest in it that it could be potentially used therapeutically,so um, it’s something that very exciting… some of my colleagues are very excited about it and there could be a Nobel Prize down the line, this whole technology, so that’s something interesting.