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Science School – Treating a Burn



The best thing about treating a burn is to think about prevention in the first place. Really easy things you can do, like not lift a heavy kettle that’s boiling, like putting the handles of a pan, push it to the back. Always think, if you've got your younger brother and sister around, what about a fire guard around that open fire?  Prevention is a lot better than cure, but when it does happen the pain is overwhelming and you can’t really think what is it that I should do that’s best, but now I’m going to tell you something really simple.  Your burn has a lot of energy in it and that energy keeps on damaging your skin and keeps driving deeper and deeper into the skin. If you wash the surface with cool water, not cold, not warm, just cool water over that surface, all that energy will start to go into the water and warm that cool water and come out of the burn and the burn will feel more comfortable, the pain will go and you'll start that healing process and you will make a difference and you’ll be a hero.