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Science School – Why Stuff Floats


So I’m going to tell you about the Archimedes Principle which basically… Archimedes Principle states why things float.  So it states that if an object  displaces an amount of water that’s equal or more than its weight, then it will float.  That means nothing to nobody.  So the way that I would explain it is that you already know Archimedes Principle.  So when you go to the swimming baths, what do you put on to make you float better?  You put on a rubber ring and arm bands.  And what’s that doing? It’s not changing your weight much but it’s making you bigger.  And the bigger you are for a certain weight, the more likely you are to float.  That is all the Archimedes Principle is saying. And that was it and you already know it.  So that is basically how things float.  Say you had, like, a lump of iron and you had it all crushed together, it would sink.  If you take that iron and you spread it out into a boat shape, it’s the same weight, bigger object and so it’s more likely to float.  And that works for everything, so don’t change the weight much, make it bigger, then it floats.