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The Robin & Brian Puppets visit Scitech


The Robin Ince & Brian Cox puppets went on an excursion to Scitech in Perth, an interactive science museum for kids.

Brian - But why can’t I have any candy floss?

Robin - r - Because last time we took a toffee apple to CERN you went and dropped it right in the middle of the large Hadron Collider

Brian - Oh yeah.

* * * * *

Brian - But where are we going?  Will it be wonderful?

Robin - Yeah we’re going to Scitech aren’t we, to find out about science and technology!

Brian - Ooh I love science and technology.  Muons and gluons and tuppenny b -


Robin - SHUT UP! 

* * * * *

Brian - Look Robin!  Mountains!  Oooohhhh…

* * * * *

Robin - Right, now I’ve got a hair from Brian’s brush I can find out what it’s truly made of.  Human?  Hmmmm.

Hang on, this is human hair at all!  This is the hair, of a martian!  Pretty, pretty martian.

Oi, Brian, what are you up?

Brian - I’m gonna do the waggle dance when I get home so everyone will know where the best wine is.  Diddy diddy dee..

* * * * *

Brian - Look at us like Thelma and Louise, going so fast!

Robin - Yeah, thanks science.

* * * * *

Brian - That was amazing but the one thing I don’t know is, are you sure this is my voice

Robin - Of course it’s not your voice, we can’t afford to use the real you.  You’re too expensive.

Brian - why am I so expensive, because I just make it all up.  It’s not true about the little parti - Oh.  Oh dear.  Bye, bye telly.

Real Brian - Ha ha ha ha, sorry about this.  It’s very good.

That’s enough.

Our thanks to the good people at Scitech